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TDDC is thrilled to teach the Magical Kingdom of Dance Curriculum 

Twirlz & Toez Tuition 
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Twirlz & Toez 1: 

Twirlz & Toez 1 is a class for 2-3 year olds.  The Parent may or may not attend with them. It does not have to be just mom, bring dad, or grandparents. We ask that no more than one adult per dancer are in the room at once.  The adult starts to transition out of the class after a few weeks.  


In the class we are exploring creative movement and setting the foundation for locomotive skills. The dancers learn things like skip, hop, march, to walk on their tip toes etc. These skills evolve into gallop and chasse etc.  All of this sets the groundwork for us to move into basic ballet positions.  The dancers are also learning basic stretches, how to make shapes with their bodies and helps improve their balance and coordination.  T&T is a very interactive class.  


Note: A lot of parents worry that their kiddo is not paying attention or out of control, but honestly in the class you WANT them to explore movement.  Sometimes it takes a month of class for them to get into a routine, which is part of the process.  After a while you will see it click and it is so magical and inspiring! 


The class sets a foundation for technique, but also is a joyful class we can introduce the dancers to the world of dance.  And when they see mom, dad, or grandma; whomever attends participate it is even better and an awesome bonding experience! 


Attire for class: Your dancer needs a leo and ballet shoes.  If your kiddo wants to dress up and wear a tutu, let them! Whatever needs to be done for your dancer to enjoy this experience, and if that is a tutu and a leo or a princess dress; by all means have fun with it! 


Twirlz & Toez 2:

Twirlz & Toez 2 is a class for 3 to 4 year olds and expands upon everything that they learned in T&T 1.  They continue to learn more locomotive movements and more ballet positions and skills.  

Also they rotate through tap.  They learn basic tap moves that help them expand upon the balance and coordination they have learned in T&T 1.  Tap also helps them start to embrace rhythm and patterns.  

This class does not have a parent with the dancer and helps the dancers learn teamwork, cooperation and impulse control. 

Attire for class: Your dancer needs a leo, ballet shoes and tap shoes.


Twirlz & Toez 3:

Twirlz & Toez 3 is a class for 4 year olds and up.  It puts into repetitive practice everything that was learned in T&T 1-2.  The dancers start to move more around the classroom exploring formations of dance while continuing to learn more ballet positions and skills.  

Also they continue to explore tap.  They learn additional tap moves that help them grow and develop the dynamic style.  Tap will continue to support the dancers learning rhythm, tempo and musicality.  


Attire for class: Your dancer needs a leo, ballet shoes and tap shoes.   

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