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Thank you for being a part of the TDDC Family!

2023-2024 Monthly Rates


1 hour week $80

2 hours week $145

3 hours week $200​

4 hours week $235​

5 hours week $275​

6 hours week $320​




If your class does not have a recital costumes or pictures: 

30 minutes: $40

1 hour week $55

1.5 hours week $110

2 hours week $140

Twirlz & Toez Rates

AcroDance $40 per month (meets weekly)


Twirlz & Toez Session 1 - August 14 - September 22 - $185

Twirlz & Toez Session 2 - October 9 - December 1 - $215

Twirlz & Toez Session 3 - Recital Session - Mar 25 - May 11 - $285


When Twirlz & Toez is in session, the class meet weekly on Mondays from 6-630pm.

*This class DOES NOT have the $50 Registration Fee or the $50 Recital Fee*

Tuition Includes:

Class weekly (except on studio closing dates)


Showcase after Session #1 and #2

Recital after Session #3

*You can add Acro Dance from 530-6pm if you are enrolled in a session for a special price of $20*

*Rates do not include end of season pictures.  Special photos may be scheduled*

Private Lessons vary depending on faculty member, please call for rates.  


TDDC Competition Dancers have a unique payment plan.  These rates do not reflect that.  


The Dance Department Company (TDDC) seasons runs from August to June.  Summer sessions vary from year to year.  New students can enroll until Feb-March timeline.  Starting then, we have to close enrollment so recital preparation can begin.  Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis.  To keep the quality of our company’s dance education top-notch, we do close classes once they reach a certain capacity.  If a class is closed, students can sign up on a waiting list and they will be contacted when there is an opening.  Early enrollment is encouraged.  The season schedule is announced every June and enrollment begins the first Monday in July.   There is a non-refundable, non-transferable yearly registration fee of $50 per season, per family.

Enrollment is based on a certain amount of weeks per season and divided by 10 months.  Some months you may not have class every week (December) but some months you may have class 5 weeks.  Please note we build in 2 cancellations per season. Anything over 2 cancellations  will have optional makeup classes.



Tuition is calculated based on a 10-month season (Aug-May) and divided into 10 monthly payments.  The monthly classes vary depending on holidays, but this does not affect monthly tuition.  Tuition is non-refundable but is transferrable on a case by case basis.  Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.  On the 5th of each month, it is considered late and your account will incur a $30 late fee.  Tuition can be paid using cash or credit card.  If a student’s account is not paid by the 10th of each month, the parent must come in and speak with Ms. Shelby in order for the student to continue to attend class. Any student whose account is 30 days past due, will not be permitted to take part in class until their account is in good standing.  Any student whose account is more than 60 days past due, forfeits their place in class and will be required to pay all past due tuition and fees and then they can enroll as a new student, if there is a space in their desired class(s).


*Please ask us about setting your account up on Auto draft to avoid unnecessary fees.   

NOTE: Tuition is never pro-rated as it includes your costume and end of season pictures.  When you enroll you will be charged a costume and picture catch up fee for the months not attended.



There are no refunds, adjustments or credits for missed classes; however, if a similar class is offered at another time the student can attend.  Please call the front desk manager to arrange a make-up class.  Dress rehearsals are ALWAYS MANDATORY.  If a student cannot attend a dress rehearsal, please contact the director ASAP to avoid being removed from the performance. 

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are scheduled and agreed upon based on the instructor and the dancer/parent schedule.  When an instructor has to cancel they will reschedule at another time around the dancers/parent schedule.  If the dancer has to reschedule, the instructor must be notified as soon as possible so a makeup lesson can be planned.  If the private lesson is missed/no-show, the missed lesson will not be made up nor refunded.  Make every attempt to notify the studio in advance of your dancer missing a private lesson.  



TDDC will follow Mid-Del School’s calendar.  Please check our Facebook, Instagram and website for closings.  If the school district closes for weather, we will most likely close.  However, we will announce no later than 1pm if we are closed.  There will be no makeup classes for weather related closings.  

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, emergencies, or government mandated shutdowns there will be no refunds provided for missed classes.  If these shutdowns last for longer than two consecutive weeks we will then provide makeup classes.  Due to the nature of the closure or shutdown these make-up classes may be provided via an online platform.


Dress Code

Proper dance attire specific to the student’s class is required.  This is for many reasons: to allow movement, to prevent injury and so faculty can provide appropriate instruction/correction when needed.

All hair must be pulled back and secured out of the students face. 

Jewelry is not permitted, only stud earrings are allowed.

Jeans and street shoes are not allowed.   


Specific Class Attire

Ballet: Leotard, Ballet Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes. 

Jazz: Solid Color Leo or fitted top, Tan tights, Tan pull on jazz shoes. Jazz pants and shorts are optional

Hip Hop: Solid Color Leo or fitted top, Tan tights, tennis shoes/combat boots are allowed as long as they are a smooth/no marking sole.  Outside shoes are not permitted on TDDC Dance Floors.  Jazz pants and shorts are optional - Required shoes for recital are all white reebok classics.  
They can be found online in youth and adult sizes.  Also there is a Reebok Store at the OKC outlet mall and they also have them and they are cheaper than they usually are online. **Make sure you get the all white with the white sole (not the gum sole)

Tap: Solid Color Leo or fitted top, Tan tights, Black lace up tap.  Jazz pants and shorts are optional


Twirlz & Toez 2: Ballet: Leotard, Ballet Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes Tap: Leo, tights, Black Buckle Tap Shoes.  Skirts and shorts are optional and other leos and tights can be worn. 


*Students will be sent out of class if they are not in proper dance attire with correct shoes and their hair is not properly secured out of their face.


Extra Attire

TDDC will have gear available for purchase.  On occasion a shirt may be mandatory for a performance etc.  This will be communicated in advance if an event arises.  However, TDDC gear will be ordered on a quarterly basis and can be ordered at the front desk at any time. 



Every class will perform at some point and will need a costume.  Costume fees are included in your monthly tuition.  This fee only includes the costume.  Tights, accessories and/or shoes are an additional cost.  We try our very best to pick out and order costumes that have everything included except tights and shoes.  Costume fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Additionally, dancers are not permitted to take their costume home unless their account is in good standing.



Occasionally TDDC will have public performances.  Generally these performances include our Competition Company dancers.  On some occasions we may ask a company class to perform.  When this happens, there will be sufficient notice. 



TDDC  has one recital per year.  Generally it is in late May, early June.  This date is set in advance and based on venue availability.  Recital Fee is $50 per dancer and includes a recital T-shirt. The Recital fee is non-refundable and not transferrable.  Tickets can be purchased if the dancers account is in good standing.     


Facility Rules

TDDC takes pride in their facility and we hope that every person that enters will respect and take responsibility while in the space.  TDDC is a closed classroom facility.  Under no circumstances should there be any visitors in the classrooms while class is being conducted.  Absolutely no gum, candy, food or drinks are allowed in any of the dance rooms at any time.  In addition dancers may not bring the following into their classes: jewelry, bags, and/or cell phones. There is a space for belongings to be labeled and stored, please utilize it.  Parents please watch your children and do not allow them to play in any open dance rooms. 


If your information changes at any time, please update with the front desk.


Respect your instructors, staff, and fellow students.  


Everyone please take responsibility for the energy you bring into TDDC every day.  The TDC Owner, Shelby McClure and Artist Director, Tasha Hinex will ask you to remove yourself from the premise if you are spoiling the learning experience of any student.  In this technological age we understand, respect and love that our students and parents are active on social media.  Please tag us, share our posts and feel free to brag about your child.  However, understand that negativity about The Dance Department Company, Instructors, TDDC dancers and/or other studios and their faculty and dancers will not be tolerated.  Poor sportsmanship is unacceptable and you will be contacted privately by one of our directors if we feel necessary and could be dismissed from The Dance Department Company.     


We want to offer the best possible experience in class and out of class for everyone, please respect that. 


Master Classes

Master classes will be offered at TDDC.  When these are scheduled, there will be sufficient notice and attendance will range in cost of $20-30 per student.


Kids Night Out

KNO is offered from time to time at TDDC  and anyone enrolled can attend and bring friends/and/or siblings. 

The criteria are:

  • Must at least be 5 years of age to attend

  • We must have at least 6 students attending to hold the night out

  • Drop off is at 545-6pm

  • Pick up begins promptly at 10pm. 

  • If the child is not picked up by 10:15pm, we will charge $5 for every 5 minutes past 10:15pm.



Upon enrollment, all students, guests, and participants of TDDC understand the type of event and activity offered.  All participants agree to comply with policies and safety regulations contained herein.  The Dance Department Company, the staff and/or faculty are not liable for personal injury or loss and/or damage to personal property of any participant, guest and/or student.  Students and/or their legal guardians retain the right to decline participation in any activity.  Please inform TDDC staff and/or faculty of any physical limitations or disabilities and consult a physician before participating in any activity at The Dance Department Company.  TDDC cannot dispense medication of any kind, including Tylenol or any OTC medication. 



The Dance Department Company reserves the right to refuse service and/or admission to any individual.  Arguing with instructors, peers, bad-mouthing or lack of respect for the dance company, its members, staff/faculty or the facility is not tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal without refund. 

All schedules may change due to enrollment and availability of faculty.  Anytime there is a schedule change a TDDC representative will contact any and all people involved to communicate the cancellation, rescheduling or combining of classes and rehearsals.


TDDC makes every effort to maintain our master calendar on a daily basis.  There are times things may have to be rescheduled.  We do our very best to communicate this to our students and parents as soon as we know.  Please note we try to announce our master schedule every June/July. 


The Dance Department Company staff and faculty strive to provide our students with a joyful dance experience through quality education, training and a healthy atmosphere every day.  We want you to feel comfortable and to be a part of our dance family.  Please touch base with the front desk with any concerns/issues/comment.  If you feel the front desk did not adequately address your issue/concern/comment, the TDDC Owner, Shelby McClure is open and willing to meet with you and your student(s).  Please note she is also a teacher and will not be available to discuss issues in between classes.  Please make an appointment via the front desk.  Making an appointment is the best way to touch base with her and receive the personalized attention you and your student(s) deserve. 



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